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Side Hustle Program $749


  • Step-by-step guide for taking your idea and shaping it into your Side Hustle busines
  • Video instruction and business workbook that helps you develop your business plan
  • Learn how to name your company
  • Tools to decide if you need a partner or build the business alone
  • How to develop and build your brand - we make it easy
  • How to determine your start-up costs
  • We suggest six ways to fund your Side Hustle
  • We offer some marketing tips for your Side Hustle 
  • Tax implications and preparation
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Business Program $1249

  • This is the BEST way to get your business off the ground quickly

  • Use our step-by-step program to convert your idea to a viable company

  • Watch the instructional videos and complete the workbooks to create your business plan

  • Learn how to determine your position in the market 

  • Naming your company doesn’t have to be hard, follow our guide

  • Should have a partner or build this by yourself? This program will help you answer that question.

  • We make it easy to develop your brand

  • We include a guide for determining your start-up costs

  • We suggest the different ways to fund your Small Business

  • We offer an entire marketing plan template and creative strategies to launch your business

  • We give you the low down on how your Small Business will be taxed

  • You are sent a FREE copy of GRACEDBYGRIT: The Entrepreneurial Women's Guide To Starting A Business With Power Passion and Purpose

**Scholarships Available (scroll to bottom of page for more information)

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