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Jenn (52) Interior Designer

"I was contemplating running my business with a partner and after going through the side hustle program, it was clear to me that the partner I thought I wanted, wasn't the right fit AND I learned how to do this on my own!"

Maggi (21) Reiki, Yoga and Healing

"The business program prepared me to set up my business, create a solid and strategic marketing plan and understand the financials. It gave me the confidence I needed to go for it!"

Cindy (43) Boutique Owner

"I was never taught how to be an entrepreneur or how to run a business. The business program was an easily digestible program that built a strong foundation to start my business with both confidence and a plan!"

Andi (35) Accountant

"I realized I had an opportunity to create a side hustle but didn't know HOW. The side hustle program was the A to Z without taking time away from my full-time job. I now can see growing this into a small business someday."

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